How to Make a Tough Decision

Every day we come across decisions we must make. From deciding what to wear, to what route to take to work. Most decisions are easily made without major thought. Yet sometimes, we must make a tougher decision, which can greatly impact our lives. This may be a business decision, a career plan or a personal life choice.
Difficult decisions can be agonizing, but they don’t have to be, according to these three steps on how to make a tough choice. (Forbes)
Step 1: Take an inventory of your resources
“Decisions, at their core, are just another form of transaction. You’re choosing to spend a resource you have, be it your time, capital, or mental energy on a given outcome.” (Forbes)
Figure out what you are able to do and what your limits are in a decision. For example, when deciding to move cross country for a job, consider the cost of a new home versus the salary. Taking an inventory will allow you to consider the feasibility of the decision.
Step 2: Weigh the upside against the downside
A pro and con list is the next step. Consider what you will gain and what you will lose in making a certain choice. Weigh the options to help decide whether a decision is the right one for you.
Step 3: Do the work but know when to let go
" The key is to do everything in your power to influence a scenario but also find the wisdom to recognize the point at which it is no longer in your control.” (Forbes)
Work toward your goal but make sure it is attainable. Constantly reflect and re-re-evaluate so that you can ensure you stay on the path to accomplishing what you desire.
Following these tips will allow you to make a decision you can stick to!

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