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Commitment doesn’t have to be scary.


Lets face it, sometimes it can be hard to find quality candidates and having the right HR partner is key.​ We have developed connections and candidate pipelines in many skilled sectors. Our recruiters specialize in finding candidates for highly competitive roles.​


But what if they don’t work out?


Our client/candidate success rate is very high, however there are times when a candidate doesn’t work out. In these rare cases, our goal is to work with you as well as the candidate to make things better. We value our partnerships and guarantee our placements.

Temporary and Contract Hires

Life happens.  


Maternity leave, medical leave, product launches; life and business needs inevitably impact a company. Having an HR Partner is a great tool. ​We have a vast pipeline from general skilled labour to executive candidates. 


We are always building our connections and pipline. Leave the navigation of short term staffing headaches to us.


Simply put, we are ready to react, and prepared to deliver.


A Temporary or Contract Option is a great way to take care of all the unexpected staffing issues life throws at you.

Competitive Pricing and Payment Options 

90 Day Guarantee

We guarantee all candidates for 90 days. Should they not work out we will replace at no charge.

Flexible Payment Options 

With payments from start date to over 12 months our team will work within your needs.

True Partners

We aim to be more than vendors, we strive to build true partnerships.

Payroll Handling

Payroll stealing your time away?

Step off the wheel.

We all like to get paid, and your employees are important, but lets be honest, payroll can make you feel like you are running on a wheel you can never get off.​

Running and managing payroll can distract from other critical functions simply because of time sensitivity.   Transfer your payroll to our team and you will no longer have to worry about processing pays, ROE’s and T4’s.​We let you do what you do best, by freeing you from the payroll grind.​

A Payroll Handling option is great for small to mid-size firms that have limited staff or staff that are wearing too many hats.



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