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Health & Safety 

  • Review current Health and Safety policies, training and manual   
  • Create or update Health and Safety policies
  • Create or update Health and Safety training, including hazard training and WHMIS training       
  • Create or update to current Workplace Violence and Harassment policies        
  • Provide Health and Safety training, including Workplace Violence and Harassment training
  • Create and assist in setting up a proper JHS Committee, and provide facilitation through the first few meetings 

Company Policies and Manuals

  • Review current policies and manuals        
  • Create or update company manual and policies        
  • Create or update Company Organizational Chart 


  • Review current onboarding        
  • Create or update onboarding for new employees – detailed look into the culture of the company, to ensure onboarding fits with the company culture 
  • Provide Onboarding services, including training and creating onboarding packages


  • Detailed audit of company        
  • Provide detailed plan to restructure department or organization      
  • Create succession planning        
  • Advise on terminations (including costs, and provide termination letters)        
  • Aid during the termination

Audit of Gaps

  • Basic audit of company gaps         
  •  Full detailed audit and detailed report of company gaps

Performance Management

  • Review/Audit current review and performance management systems       
  • Create/Adjust performance reviews and management systems, including performance improvement plans

Culture and Engagement

  • Review employee engagement (this includes conducting employee engagement survey, individual interviews, reviewing results and providing advice)            
  • Employee Engagement Survey       
  • Provide solutions to help fix engagement without conducting survey        
  • Assist in creating a work life balance culture 

Disaster Recovery Planning

What would happen if there was a flood or fire or a disaster that caused you to be unable to run the business from the current location? Where would you go? How would you make money?    


  • We will provide a disaster recovery plan in the event of a disaster (Basic plan or Detailed Plan)
  • Assist in setting up the disaster recovery plan 
  • Assist in setting up a disaster recovery committee

Recruiting and ATS Software packages

  • Recruiting for permanent, temporary and contract positions        
  • ATS software available to better track your recruiting needs        
  • Monthly invoices for recruiting and ATS software


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