Research Scientist (Fermentation)


Pharma/ Biologic/ Packaging


Prince Edward Island




Job Description:

  • Development of strain libraries, media and bioreactor processes for BSL1 and 2 strains
  • Lead set-up,maintenance and operationof bioprocess equipmentincluding: Fermenters, nano filtration, centrifugation, spectrophotometer, HPLC, benchtop shake flasks experiments and drying technologies including spray drying and lyophilization.
  • Performance of laboratory experiments to understand the fundamental mechanismassociated with scale up and scale down of bacteria metabolite processes
  • Establish processparameters, critical controlparameters, process locks associated with the production of specific fermentation primary/secondary metabolites
  • Develop novel technologies for the formulation, preservation, and analysisof novel microbial products.
  • Conduct small-scale fermentation and freeze-drying experiments to improvetiter and process yield.
  • Design and execute stability studies and producttesting of formulation prototypes and commercial products.
  • Interpret resultsand design studiesfor process improvements using statistical Design of Experiments (DOE) methodology
  • Provides scientific technical support for technology transferof processes to manufacturing
  • Leads/Participates in various cross functional technology development teams.
  • Manage and motivate small team of researchers
  • Authors and contributes to scientific publications, patents, and regulatory submissions.
  • Effectively presentsresults at internalmeetings and externalscientific meetings.

Job Requirements:

  • PhD (or MSc with 3 yrs experience) in Microbiology, Fermentation, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, or related field.
  • Strong workingknowledge of basic microbiology and fermentation techniques (i.e., sterile technique, plating cells on agar plates, serial dilutions) is required.
  • Leadership experience important
  • Experience with aerobic and obligate anaerobic strain cultivation is important
  • Experience with live microbialformulation and stabilization processes is a plus.