Program Manager








Job Description:

  • Work closely with assigned customer accounts to gather pertinent RFQ information for all new tooling projects to be passed on to estimating as per ISO work instructions
  • Take a sales approach when following up on quotes submitted to customer
  • Provide regular future sales forecast updates to assist in the upfront capacity planning process
  • Manage new internal tool builds as well as those built by our strategic partners in tooling to ensure the best value tooling that will yield the highest part quality with the lowest cost of ownership (The Global Tooling Strategy)
  • Use NX CAD software to interrogate tool/part models to define scope of engineering changes/repairs on both new and existing tooling projects
  • Develop engineering change and repair estimates as per ISO work instructions that include detailed breakdowns of work to be performed
  • Support new programs by attending product development meetings at customer facilities to ensure tooling is considered with respect to timing, product design and cost
  • Work closely with advanced feasibility designers to provide timely and accurate part/tooling feasibility feedback during the early stages of part development
  • Maintain new tool job summary spread sheets for each tool build project to track all commercial activity status
  • Provide regular future sales forecast updates to assist in the upfront capacity planning process
  • Review all purchase orders for new tool and engineering change projects to ensure all aspects of the purchase orders (price, payment terms/dates etc.) are in line with all quotations prior to purchase order acceptance
  • Attend new tool trials documenting all details of any tooling related deficiencies as per ISO work instructions
  • Provide complete new tool kickoff information to design group as per ISO work instructions
  • Facilitate various customer reviews for new tooling projects ensuring that all proper approvals are in place at the various stages of development
  • Facilitate engineering change, warranty and repair meetings with production as per ISO to ensure clear scope of work to be performed is clearly defined
  • Ensure any changes to customer specifications or processes that would affect their tooling, are communicated back to the appropriate personnel
  • Provide timely and accurate progress reports on programs as requested by customers
  • Assist in improving our program management systems and processes
  • Manage over 20+ molds with same kick off time successfully
  • Attend mold flow reviews, can identify issues and make suggestions with an understanding of filling analysis such as pressures, hesitation, shear rates, freeze off conditions etc.
  • Manage and Update PDP (Product Delivery Process) Timing, Milestones and Deliverables by using Trax Software
  • Develop customer relationships that support our ability to be successful
  • Utilize effective communication with Employees, Managers, Divisions and Customers
  • Incorporate best practices and lessons learned into process designs and communicate lessons learned for the benefit of other programs; Assist in improving our program management systems and processes
  • Must be able to travel for investigational or training purposes, often on short notice

Job Requirements:

  • College diploma / University degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering Degree, PMP Designation, Mold Maker’s Certificate or Tool and Die Certificate, an asset
  • 6-9 years of experience in mold making, machining or automotive manufacturing
  • Extensive program management experience in the medium to large size tooling industry
  • Must have good understanding of the tool function and manufacturing processes for injection tools
  • Mold design experience (large size tooling) with an emphasis on part/tooling feasibility
  • Mold making and mold processing experience, an asset