Plant Controls Engineer


Natural Resources


British Columbia



Job Description:

Perform detailed control system design and software development for moderately complex engineering assignments, which are stand-alone, or components of a larger project. This position applies specific knowledge of automated and process control systems to manufacturing processes with minimal supervision.

·         Ensure compliance and perform all duties in accordance with all safety, health and environmental rules and regulations.

·         Develop and implement results oriented, value-added engineering solutions that achieve predetermined project goals and customer needs and/or requirements.

·         Develop project documentation defining standards, detailed reports, specifications, plans, prints, schematics and/or other necessary documentation required to achieve defined project goals.

·         Integrate statistical control components into system design including basic control charting, real time & historical trending, remote monitoring and data acquisition / control.

·         Lead and/or guide internal or external engineering resources to ensure adherence to project goals and objectives.

·         Implement standard engineering and project management practices consistently throughout project and work assignments.

·         Maintain technical skills and knowledge by attending trade shows or clinics; investigate new equipment applications with consulting engineers & equipment venders, and specific course work.

·         Lead development and training efforts of field operation and maintenance personnel in the design features, process operation, interpretation of system information, and application of that information regarding control system functionality.

·         Witness testing and system site quality control.

·         Train plant electricians on processes.

·         Monitor installation quality.

·         Perform all duties in accordance with safety rules and regulations.

·         Perform other duties as necessary

Job Requirements:

·         Bachelor’s degree in related engineering field, Red Seal Industrial Electrician, Instrumentation Technician or equivalent.

·         Detailed working knowledge of networking equipment and software, routers and cabling.

·         Detailed working knowledge of plant PLCs and HMI software.

·         Knowledge of medium and high voltage systems.

·         Knowledge of IT systems, PC hardware and software, servers, fiber optic cabling and network switches.

·      Comply with minimum skills defined in the Engineering Competency Matrix.

·         Effective oral and written communication skills.

·         Ability to influence or guide people to allow successful completion of objectives.

·         Knowledge and understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

·         Ability to function on multi-discipline or multi-functional teams.

·         5+ years experience in automation and process control systems and techniques.

·         Or any combination of experience and training that demonstrates the ability to perform the key responsibilities of this position.