Assistant Chief Power Engineer




New Brunswick



Job Description:

  • Responsible for monitoring the day-to-day operation
  • Work with the supervisors to ensure all critical KPI's are met and in the proper range
  • Communicate with operators on issues and help resolve these issues
  • Ensure that the plant is running safely and efficiently
  • Ensure that all tag and locks are done properly
  • Communicate changes, process changes, plans, requirements for the day, week or even following day
  • Work with the Core team to help prioritize the week-to-week maintenance
  • Conduct regular meetings with personal training in the plant to ensure they are progressing through their training plan
  • Monitor and help limit the amount of oil burned in the boilers, be there to support with any issues to help resolve ASAP
  • Monitor and track any environmental exceedances
  • Any other tasks as required by operations and management