1st Class Chief Power Engineer






Job Description:

Key Responsibilities

·Direct the work of the power plant personnel to ensure continuous and safe operation, maintenance and installation of equipment in the plant in compliance with Company and Government Regulations.

·Maintain a level of environmental awareness that ensures that all environmental issues in steam and associated equipment are addressed in accordance with the standards of the province of British Columbia.

·Initiate team concepts in the department and utilize all of the people’s abilities and skills to the maximum while maintaining a highly motivated work force.

·Prioritize technical projects in the department and continually challenge your team.

·Provide ongoing technical and professional development for the members of your team.

·Ensure that the lines of communication with maintenance, production and other departments remain open and active to ensure that work is being done in a timely and efficient manner.

·Responsible for tracking, optimizing and managing variable costs in your department.

·Continual awareness of all personnel problems in your department to ensure action is proactive.

·Coordinate the maintenance of the fire protection system.

·Keeps mill Manager informed of plans, deviation from plans, safety and loss incidents and statistics.

·Perform all duties in accordance with safety rules and regulations.

·Perform other duties as necessary.

Job Requirements:


·First Class Steam Certificate recognized in British Columbia

·Knowledge of Government and other regulatory agencies.

·Demonstrated supervisory skills.

·Demonstrated knowledge of Preventive Maintenance Systems.

·Extensive maintenance and operating experience in all areas of a power plant.

·Experience with Knowledge of steam turbines, process heat exchangers and flash steam recovery systems

·Or any equivalent combination of experience and training that demonstrates the ability to perform the key responsibilities of this position.