Why Should Manufacturing Companies Leverage a Recruiter for Hiring?

In the last few years, COVID-19 and public response to the pandemic have exhausted much of the workforce, especially those working on the front lines. After the Great Resignation, when millions of employees left their jobs and careers, “quiet quitting,” the act of doing the bare minimum, has taken its place.

The manufacturing industry, however, has not slowed down. Instead, companies seek skilled talent to fill their open positions or assist with expansion.

Industry leadership is having difficulty filling nearly two-thirds of all manufacturing jobs. Every day that a role at your company goes unfilled is a day that other employees must take on additional duties. If you can’t bring in new hires, your current employees will eventually burn out and look elsewhere for work.

Because they need to expedite the hiring process, manufacturing companies leverage recruiter services to identify skilled talent.

3 Reasons Manufacturing Companies Leverage Using a Recruiter

Manufacturing leaders understand better than anyone that developing an effective system results from strategic planning, a willingness to correct mistakes, and time.

The commitment to creating a process for attracting, hiring, and retaining highly educated and skilled talent is enormous. Many manufacturers have discovered that recruiters offer:

  1. Quick responses. Professional recruiters know where to find passive candidates — the talent who already knows who to do the work because they’re working for your competitors.
  2. Laser-focused access to ideal candidates. Your recruiter can help you take advantage of social media opportunities for recruiting by working across multiple channels.
  3. Enormous time savings. If you must devote time to identifying and attracting talent, it’s possible that you’re not getting your work done. You have a shop to run.

Recruiters make it their business to know you and your company’s brand. By activating their vast talent networks, they act as an extension of your HR department, completing the talent acquisition process faster than you can do on your own.

How You Can Attract Manufacturing Talent

Even when working with a recruiter, you can still attract top talent on your own with these strategies:

  • Streamline the process. Make the process simple, fast, and effective by adopting an applicant tracking system (ATS) software that scans cover letters and resumes for keywords. Automation is a time-saver in the manufacturing industry, and it can be equally efficient to digitize the hiring process.
  • Build your brand. Your brand must resonate across social media channels and in training programs. Today’s top talent identifies with philosophically aligned brands.
  • Create a talent pipeline. Collaborate with high schools and colleges to create internships and school-to-work programs.

These strategies can position your company positively, helping you attract the talent you need.


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